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I have been trialling the export functions with mixed results.

Both formats seem to work up to a point, with the following problems:

1. Wrapped text is not handled by the export. In SkyCAD, I can wrap text two ways - when entering (say) a label I can do a shift-enter to split the lines. This displays fine on the drawing in skyCAD. I can also use the text tools and set the text to Wrap and adjust the size on the drawing.

When exported, however, the text is not wrapped using eithe method.
Using the shift-enter method puts two non printing characters in the DWG/DXF drawing - but not wrapped.

Using the text tools, the text is correct, but all on one line.

2. Inserting a Parts list (or any lists for that matter) on a Skycad sheet works fine. When exported however, the list box is replaced with a named box with no contents.

I am sure I am missing something.

Yeah, we know...

Thanks for posting on the forum.

You are not missing anything...  Both of those issues are fixed in the next version, planned to be released around next week.

We'll keep you updated!