Duplicate & Modified block not appearing in symbol library

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#1 Duplicate & Modified block not appearing in symbol library

So i'm trying to build out the catalogue with our most commonly used components, an example is our In/Out modules.

Rather than redrawing each one I'm trying to basically copy, rename and tweak them, (Many devices are very similar +/- a few contacts or part #'s)

I followed the forum thread that recommends opening the catalogue part from the block generator (Block Generator / Open Component), I then make my adjustments and click Save As as a new name. I get the prompt "Name added to catalogue", but the item never populates into the Symbol table, unless I make it completely from scratch each time.

I can open the newly made file through (block generator / Open component) find it in the directory, and the properties (in this example) say: Class Name: DI Module, Displayed in catalogue is checked.

Generate graphical block

Thanks for posting on the forum.

We think this is a simple (and common) misunderstanding regarding how the catalogue and symbol library relate to each other. In short, they don't relate to each other at all.

The symbol library is a collection of blank components (symbols). Barring some exceptions (block generator symbol/components), they have no part number, no manufacturer, no layout image, etc. They are merely graphical symbols to represent a class (cable, connection, circuit breaker, relay, etc.).

The catalogue is a collection of fully-fledged components. They have part numbers, manufacturers, specific pin numbers, layout images, etc. Each of these components belong to a component class. Items in the catalogue are not necessarily always tied to a particular symbol on the schematics; e.g. an end stop in a terminal strip can be given a part number, layout image, etc., but it may not be shown as a symbol on the schematics.

Blocks created using the block generator and a bit of an exception regarding the symbol library. Those symbols in the library have default part numbers assigned to them, so they're not merely symbols.

All this said, all you have to do after you apply the Save As, is to Generate Graphical Block from the Block Generator tab.

Please let us know if this helps!

Generate graphical block resets shape properties of the object


The generate graphical block does populate the block in the symbol table, but it also resets all the graphics (shape) on the block. (The changes I made to the original (copied) object get reset back to the factory default format for a DI created by the block generator).

Is there a way to duplicate not only the contents (I/O points) but also the graphical representation of another object so I dont have to re-draw it every time?

Thank you.

Open both blocks, Copy & replace

I may have just answered my own 2nd question on this.

Once i have the duplicate created and added to the symbol library, it seems i can right-click both,  open block. (2 blocks open). Then copy and replace the shape data. 1 extra step but still much faster than recreating from scratch.

I'm hoping there's no negative fallout of doing this, it appears to work.

Open template block for class?

The generate graphical block does populate the block in the symbol table, but it also resets all the graphics (shape) on the block.
Ah, OK. Now we fully understand your challenge.

Then copy and replace the shape data.
How exactly are you doing this? We're not sure if this would have negative consequences. It may, or it may not.

Have you considered the tried and trusted method of using Open Template Block for Class?