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#1 Dimensions on drawing

Can I show the placed dimension s in the layout on the sheet?

When I place the new dimension they follow the scale on the page.

I want to give some measure to the assembler on the drawing.

Yes, here is the tutorial

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Yes, you can. You must add the dimensions on the layout itself, not the representation of the layout on a sheet.

Here is the tutorial to show you how.

Please let us know if you get stuck.




I don't distinguish the layout nuance with the layout representation. I don't see thisa difference in the tutorial.

How to add the layout itself on my drawing sheet?



Here is another tutorial for that

Here is the tutorial for showing layouts on sheets.

Please let us know if this helps.

It's perfect. Code 18"". I

It's perfect. Code 18"". I try to add new mesure when I just can light the measure I have already placed on the layout.




Thanks for taking the time to let us know everything is OK.