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Im wondering how can I scale the defual symbol library to match the size of the page I need.

Doing it from "Open Block" will not help ... it is not the fastest way probably


Thanks for posting on the

Thanks for posting on the forum.

There is presently no way to globally increase or decrease the size of all symbols and blocks.  Your best bet is to use a smaller sheet size than the one you wish to use.  When printing, SkyCAD will zoom the sheet to fit the size of paper your are using, thus symbols will appear larger.



Also Scaling custom symbols

Created a custom DC power supply and added it to the library. Used in my project and symbol was too large for the drawing. Scaled it and the symbol attributes did not work correctly. Could not move wire connection. Would like to see better intellisense when using symbols on different size of sheets with auto-scaling to the sheet size.

Hmmm... This should not be available...

Thanks for posting this.

It seems something got passed our QA with regards to this feature!  Scaling a block that has connection points should not be available, specifically because of the issues you described.

As you can see at the top of the original post, a ticket was created with regards to this issue. We'll keep you updated when we'll know when this issue will be fixed.

By the way...

Scaling the entire content of a sheet is something that we are working on, and which should be available in a futur version. 

This is now fix on version 1.1.19


This is now fix in version 1.1.19, now available for download.  The 'Scale' feature is now only avaiable for objects that can scale properly.  

We remind you we plan on giving access to a global page scaling feature in a future version.