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I can and have copied symbols and assigned new part numbers but now when I try to create more I change the default part number, rename the symbol and when I add it into drawing the parts list does not add manufacturer data, when I explore the data has reverted to default information yet when I explore block the manufacturer data is still there. I have changed the 'default' part number as you are supposed to.


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... rename the symbol ...
How exactly are you renaming the symbol? Are you using Open Block? Feel free to add screenshots if you like.

Inserting existing symbol

Inserting existing symbol into drawing (Power Contacts 3P), highlighting it then create graphical block, select insertion point then selecting Contactor folder. Then setting default part number and ok. Then highlighting and "save as" and selecting Contactors folder and naming same as before CR123456, shows saved to catalogue, shows as new symbol with new number. Insert into drawing and double click and part number blank, but explore block and default part number is still there but does not show details on Parts List.


...highlighting it then create graphical block...
This step is redundant as the symbol was already a graphical block. It would probably be best if you didn't do this step.

All your other steps seem fine. Is the part number CR123456 definitely in your catalogue? You can confirm by selecting any contactor symbol on the schematics, and click Assign from Catalogue from the Home tab. If it's saved, you should see CR123456. If not, then this is the missing link and you'll want to follow this tutorial to add it to your catalogue.

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Ok seems it wasn't in

Ok seems it wasn't in catalogue, have double clicked symbol and added details, has now appeared in parts list and retains this data when inserting further CR123456 symbols, thanks!


Thanks for taking the time to let us know!

To clarify, then default part number functions queries the catalogue for the part. So, if your default part number is looking for a part which doesn't exist yet in the catalogue, then it won't work.

We can see how the following message could have been confusing!

This didn't mean that the part number was saved to the catalogue. It meant that the symbol (graphical block) was saved, seeing as though CR123456 is what you named the symbol.