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#1 Custom Connection Symbols


Is it (or will it be soon be) possible to create custom connection symbols? It would be nice to be able to define different colors & other attributes to preset connection types-- and it'd be really awesome if one of those attributes was wire number pre/suffix. For example:

Our grounds are all blue and are numbered sequentially as 19xxx; our fused power wires are all red and are numbered sequentially as 24xxx -- It would be great to be able to create custom connection types for each (and all of our other subnets) and have the auto-numbering process adhere to our wire numbering convention.

This is totally possible!

Hi Bobby,

It is currently possible to create connection symbols, and to have them numbered in a specific way.  Only for this, you must know how to:

  1. Create a connection class
  2. Create a new numbering format
  3. Assign the numbering format to your new connection class
  4. Create a connection symbol asssociated to your new connection class

So because there are quite a few steps, we have planed to demonstrate how to do this through an upcoming tutorial.  And we have not eliminated the possibility to create some sort of a connection creation wizard which would guide users through those mutlple steps.

So, stay tuned! 

Very cool to hear that the

Very cool to hear that the functionality already exists! Looking forward to the future tutorial