Creating analog input card

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#1 Creating analog input card

Im working on creating analog input card but couldnt create the multiports. i attached the photos for reference. please advice

I tried copy and paste the channels from the predefined symboles by did not work

Sorry for responding so late!

Thanks for posting this!

First-off, sorry for taking so long to get back to you. It seems your post has fell in the cracks!

The view that is displayed by default in the Block Generator is 'Terminals by channels'.  It displays a list of terminals, organised by channels.  If you select some displayed items to copy and paste elsewhere, you select terminals, not channels.  To get the result you are after, you must first make sure the view listing channels if used.  To do this:

- Make sure to select the IO card from which you wish to copy channels is selected.


- Click the 'Show' tab, and select 'Connection port group's  (IO channels are a subset of connection port groups...)


- From the list displayed, select the channels you wish to copy.

- Select the New IO Card onto which you wish to paste channels.

- In the 'Show' tab, make sure the query 'Terminals per channels' is activated.


- Paste your channels.  You should see your terminals displayed, all organised properly within their channels.

NOTE: We noticed channels are pasted in reverse order.  We have fixed this issue within the next release, but until you get that version, you will need to click-and-drag channels to reorganise them in the proper order.

Let us know if this answered your question correctly!

No worries ... I thought it

No worries ... I thought it will go junk thats why I resend another one today morning 

I was able to create the card according to the instructions provided... thx apprecaite


Glad it worked for you!