Create Controller with Universal Inputs

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#1 Create Controller with Universal Inputs


The controllers we use all have universal inputs, so for example the same input could be used for a binary, analog, or pulse signal depending on how the controller is programmed.

What would the correct way be to create the controller in the block generator so that the I/O summaries still work / fill automatically? I'm pretty sure i saw another post that said if i used generic terminal the I/O summaries wouldn't show those inputs then. 


Thanks for any help!

An IO channel's type can be changed after the fact

Thanks for posting on the forum.

An IO channel’s type is selectable from a drop down list. The type used when using the block generator simply sets a default value for the channels that are created.

So, we would recommend defining the controller with the channels that are used the most often (sort of setting it as a default value), and then change their type as needed once the controller is inserted onto the schematics. (Double-click the channel, and change its type from the drop-down list)

Please let us know if this helps!