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#1 Copy and Paste

How do I copy and paste a sheet to a new project?  Everytime i try it tells me that i can not copy and paste Wire management accessory. 

Hmmm... Please upload your environment

Thanks for posting on the forum.

Strange. Please upload a zip of your environment so we can take a look. Please let us know which project and which sheet you are trying to copy. Note: only SkyCAD staff can see your uploaded environment.



We need the entire environment.

Thanks for uploading the project, but it is insufficient to open it.  As stated in our original response, we need  the entire environment, which contains any symbol and catalogue part file your project uses.

This tutorial about backing up your SkyCAD environment will indicate which folder we need you to zip.

Thanks in advance!





Got it!

Ok, thanks for uploading your environment.  It allowed us to understand what's going on.

It is related to a bug that was present in the last version, but which is fixed in the current one.  Your jumper blocks, stored in the 'Connections' library folder, are associated to the 'Wire management accessory' class.  And accessory objects should not exist on their own, but rather be 'hooked' to an existing component.  The previous bug was that SkyCAD would allow that.   (If you insert a jumper symbol now, you'll notice SkyCAD will ask you to select a component to associate it with.)

What you should do is start by creating your own Jumper class, using the Catalogue tools.  Then associate that class with your jumper blocks.  (Select the block from the library, click 'Home/Open block', expand block's property from the tree view, double click 'Workobject class' property.)  Then delete and reinsert all jumper blocks inserted in your project.

Once this is done, you should be able to copy sheets again.

Let us know if this is clear.



yes it changed class. But

yes it changed class. But cant delete from library. Eventhough it changed class (if im saying it right) reinstalling to sheet did not acheive Copy and Paste. Removing jumper from project then allowed Copy and Paste. Had to install jumper after pasting into project. How do I remove Jumpers from library and then make new one with correct class? I didnt have that problem with the other symbols i made.


But cant delete from library.

It is not from the library that you must delete the blocks, but rather from your project, everywhere it is inserted.  And then reinsert new ones (using the newly modified jumper block.)

To make sure you remove all jumper from your project, display the parts-list (Select project, 'Show/Parts-list'), and reach the 'Wire management accessory' objects.  (There are 3 of them in the project you sent us.)  Select them one and click 'Home/Navigate' to reach the jumper symbol to rreplace with the modified one.  Then repeat for the remaing two.

Let us know if it works out.

Copying sheets from System to Project?

Is it possible to copy sheets from a System to a Project? I am trying to convert my drawing structure from using Systems in a Project to use Folders instead.

When I try copying a sheet from a System to a Folder (within the same project), it only copies the Title block and Coordinates, without the drawing.

Update on Post #11

I was able to copy and past sheets from Systems that were created entirely new within the Project. And for System sheets that were imported from converted past Projects, I was able to open those older Projects and salvage the work, and copy into the new Project.

Perhaps it is intended behavior, only to allow copying and pasting from System sheets, the work that is new since the System was originally imported. But, I have a feature request, if that is the case. It would be nice if there were a way to copy and past sheets from Systems to sheets in the Project as they exist at the time of copying and pasting. Perhaps holding a key while performing the copying and pasting that could allow for that. 


Thanks for posting on the forum, and sorry for the late reply.

Perhaps it is intended behavior,

No it's not.  Chances are this is a bug related to teh use of Systems, which is still in its beta-version state.

We'll enquire about this and get back to you shortly.

Thanks for you patience.


Just a follow-up on this.  As we expected, this is a bug.  

We'll have to investigate a bit more about how to resolve this, as it is a complicated matter, but we'll let you know when we figure something out.

Note: We were able to make it work when opening the System itself (at the same time the project was open) ad cpopying from teh System to the project.  But the bug occured when the System is part of the Project.)

Here is a link to the ticket related to that.