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#1 Connector Pin - Link

Hold Shift > Pin is inserted. Then Connector selected > View > Pin. Select the pin to link it. 

Unless you have a more efficient way to do it, this is kind of inefficient to insert multiple pins. In this connector only 1-6 and 11-12 are used. In other instance the same connector uses, pins 1-6 and 15-16. So, some specific pins must be selected, not necessary in sequence.

Could be possible to, as shown in below, once the pins have been inserted, then use the Link function and go directly to the correct Connector/Pin and link it?




Thanks for posting on the forum.

The 'Link with' feature currently expects to get a graphical item to get clicked, and not a tree view item.  

Let us think about that for a bit and we'll create a ticket as a new requested feature if we think we can come-up with something.

Thanks for pointing this out.