Connector and Cable re-numbering

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#1 Connector and Cable re-numbering

Is there currently a way to automatically renumber connectors and cables? I have a large number of both and it would be nice if the numbers were more sequential on the drawing (e.g. CN1 next to CN2 not CN34).


Thanks for posting on the forum!

It should normally renumber them the way you are suggesting.  Let us check this out and get back to you (you may have put yur finger on a new bug!)

We'll get back to you shortly!

It works for us...

We just tested this by inserting a bunch of connector symbols and cable indicators, and then run a standard 'Renumber' command (Rembering process/Renumber all), and it gave us the results you are after.  If you need to be more specific in you renumbering, 'Renumber wires' will renumber all wires and cables, but not touch sheets and components, and 'Renumber components' will renumber components and connectors, but not touch sheets, wires and cables.

Let us know if you get the same results we do!

Hmm looks like it does do

Hmm looks like it does do some renumbering, but the ordering is different than I would expect. For example here I have CN47 next to CN8. Note that I am using version, so I probably should have put this on the beta forum

Ah! Ok.

Thanks for getting back to us on this.

It seems we misunderstood your original post: numbering is based on connector symbol's position, not connector pin symbol's position!  Let us check-out why exactly and get back to you about this.