Computer died... now project won't open

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#1 Computer died... now project won't open

Computer died, now a project won't open. I'm assuming some of the components didn't save. Can you tell me which ones I need to rebuild?

Oh dear...

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Sorry to hear about your computer! When you say "a project won't open", do you mean that you go to the Create/Add tab, choose Open Project, select your project, then SkyCAD crashes?

If so, please upload a zip of your environment. This tutorial about backing up your environment folder will indicate exactly which folder we are talking about. (Note: only you and the SkyCAD staff will have access to your environment.  All other users won't even be able to see the file.) Please also let us know which project you are trying to open.

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a little more information and the current status... I was using remote desktop to use skycad and that computer turned off. I then tried to use skycad on my secondary laptop and was unable to open the project i had been working on. After restarting the remote desktop the project was able to open on both laptops.

So this is now resolved.


Edit: after trying to get my secondary computer to connect correctly, this failed again, I'll upload my environment now...


Edit 2: when zipping my environment I was pointed at the incorrect environment, and the catalogue must have needed to be updated. I was able to identify the correct catalogue and the correct environment to get this opened. Sorry for all the confusion.

Uploaded my zipped files

Uploaded my zipped files


Thanks for uploading your environment.  What is the project you are working on?