Components that are purchased in Minimum Quantities

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#1 Components that are purchased in Minimum Quantities

So still working out the basics here..

So I purchase fuse holders in boxes of 25.

When I add these fuse holder components to the drawing do I put 25 in the quantity field ?  I was hoping to be able to let SkyCad calclulate how many boxes of fuse holders i need for the project

Hope this helps

Thanks for posting on the forum.

So still working out the basics here..
No problem! We're glad to be helping you set up.

Here's what we suggest:

  • leave the Quantity property as it is, so that your BOM lists the exact quantity of items you'll need for the project
  • add a property (perhaps called Purchase Qty) to the Component class (which is the parent class of fuse holders, relays, etc.). This tutorial will guide you at 6:17.
    This will result in your fuse holder having this new property, to which you can add "25" and save the part to catalogue so that SkyCAD knows that you always buy those particular fuse holder in boxes of 25.
  • In your BOM, the new property will be there, but it will be hidden. You can unhide it and move it by following this tutorial at 0:35.
  • SkyCAD doesn't do division calculation yet, so it cannot calculate how many boxes you need to purchase, however, you can easily export your BOM to Microsoft Excel and let Excel do that calculation for you.

Please let us know if this helps! By the way, your question is a common one, so we do intend introducing a more eloquent way to do this.