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#1 Component not showing on list after creation

When I use the Block generator to create a part (component) and save it on the right folder. It wont show in my components list. Even though this one exists in the skycad library. 

Sometimes I can fix this by doing these steps:
1) Select ''Assign from catalogue'' in the ''Home'' tab

2) Select random component and ''Save As'' in the ''Home'' tab

3) Entering all the information I already did again

4)Now the component appears in the list.


I believe the issue comes when using ''Block Generator'' + ''Add new component''

I let a picture side by side of the component appearing in library but not in the sensors catalogue

thank you guys

Is this how to reproduce?

Thanks for posting on the forum.

We can't seem to reproduce this behaviour unfortunately, though we may be doing it slightly differently to you.

If we understand you correctly, to reproduce this, you:

  1. Create a sensor part in the block generator, generate a block for it and add it to your symbol library
  2. Then, you select your project in the tree view, go to the Create/Add and select New Component, choosing Sensor
  3. Then, you select that new component in the tree view, and choose Assign from catalogue, but the new part you just creating using the block generator is not there

Is that correct?

2) Select random component and ''Save As'' in the ''Home'' tab

3) Entering all the information I already did again

By the way, doing this will overwrite the part you created in the block generator, so we don't recommend doing that.

Please let us know about the steps to reproduce above.
In the meantime, in order to keep you working, you could try close and re-open SkyCAD to refresh everything. That may be a workaround.

These are the steps
  1. Block generator tap
  2. Add New component
    1. Enter all information
    2. Enter I/O (if needed)
  3. Create Block
  4. Save component
  5. Validate component was created in the skycad files 
    1. This step is normally ok


back to the drawing (to add the component to the symbol):

  1. Click on my sensor symbol in the drawing
  2. Home tab
    1. Assign from catalogue (F5)
  3. Component is missing :(

-------------------------- What I do instead--------------------------

  1. Delete the component in the skycad files so there is no name mismatch
  2. Click on symbol
  3. Assign from catalogue
  4. Take a random already created component
  5. Save as
  6. Enter all information again
  7. Save
  8. Component is now visible in the exact same file directory as the previous one created in the block generator

I hope this is clear and will help you reproduce the bug. 

Please update this If you are able to reproduce or give me an alternate procedure of working




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