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#1 Changing terminal name



I would like to know if there is a possibility to change the name of a terminal.

This is my situation: I want to have stacked terminals name 120V and N whitout any numbering.




Are 120V and N wire numbers?

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Are the values '120V' and 'N' the wire number values?  If this is theh case, then you could simply use the terminal symbol that displays the wire number instead will give you exactly what you want.

Let us know!

It looks all right!

It looks all right!

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Glad it worked out!

We are glad it worked out! 

One thing you must know, if you wish for the 120V and N terminals to be stacked, they will need to be in the same terminal strip.  It seems that you currently created one terminal strip named '120V', and one named 'N'.  A simple cut-and-paste operation on terminals from one terminal strip to the other will put all terminals in the same terminal strip, allowing to stack them afterwards.

More information can be found about managing stacked terminals in this tutorial.