Change Grid Spacing to Inch Fractional for layout?

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#1 Change Grid Spacing to Inch Fractional for layout?

Is it possible to change the grid spacing on just the layout views so that I can set my grid to 1/4" so I can snap things to the 1/4"???

This drives me nuts, I just want 36.00 or 36.25 not 36.024 LOL



Side note: yes the sub panel is 72" wide. It's a 4'x6' sheet of OSB painted white. It's my new PLC lab mounted on my wall behind my desk :D

No, but try this

Thanks for posting on the forum.

It's not possible to change the grid for just one type of unfortunately (though you could change it globally, work in your layout, then change it back we suppose). However, we have a trick for you that may not require you to do that.

Try this:

  1. Draw your dimension
  2. Double-click on the dimension text and enter 36.25. This will adjust the dimension to suit.
  3. Insert your wire duct (it doesn't have to be near to where you want it)
  4. Activate Extension axis snap under the Drawing tab
  5. Move your wire duct until it snaps in-line with the dimension

Please let us know if this helps.

Boom that works sir.  

Boom that works sir.



Thanks for letting us know, sir.