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#1 Change cross reference name for OPR

Hi I want to know if it's possible to change the name of cross references for OPR ? When I insert OPR, the cross references is the place where the OPR linked is, but I would like it to be the name of the wire is that possible ?

Thanks you

Yes it is!

Thanks for posting on the forum.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Right-click on the arrow part of any OPR on your schematics and choose Open Block to open the OPR in editing mode
  2. Zoom out a bit and you'll see [Cross Reference]. Select it and delete it.
  3. Go to the Drawing tab and select Add text. Put the text where you would want the wire number shown
  4. In the Value property of the text, copy/paste the following query:
  5. Close the OPR window, choosing to save the changes. When asked which library folder you want to add it to, just cancel, as OPRs are not required in the symbol library.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 for other OPR directions you use. E.g. In your screenshot you have a vertical OPR symbol. This is one symbol. If you use horizontal OPR symbols too, you must repeat this process for the horizontal symbol too.
  7. Close and re-open SkyCAD
  8. Your existing OPRs on your schematics and any new OPRs you add should display the wire number now, instead of the default cross-references.

Please let us know if you get stuck!

Number do not show when link

I did what you said and it works, but only this OPR have the name. When I link the OPR, the honrizontale have the name but not the vertical one. Furthermore, my wire name do not appear when I add it OPR. In them property the are name but it's doesn't appear on the sketch.


Please try close and re-open SkyCAD and run Renumber Wires and let us know if it helps.


It worked thanks :)


Thanks for taking the time to let us know!

Get back cross reference

How can I get back cross reference ?

Do you want both?

Do you want both the cross-reference and the connection type name, or just switch back to out-of-the-box OPR symbols with only the cross-reference showing?


NO I want to get back to the original OPR. So the OPR symbols with cross-reference.

In that case...

In that case the easiest way is to delete the folder containing OPR symbols and run install again.  The install process will automatically add the original OPR symbols.

The OPR folder of the environment is located under '<your environment path>\Standard Environment\Catalogue\root class\SkyCad specific Classes\Graphical Element\graphical object\graphical block\opr\'

(NOTE: Just in case, make a back-up of your environment first...)

Let us know if it works out.