Can't insert relay accessory layout

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#1 Can't insert relay accessory layout



When I created my relay in the catalog, I said myself "I won't create a layout for the relay itself, I will insert a relay accessory (relay base) and then create a layout for this, since this is what I want to show on my layout".

Now I am facing a problem, the layout for my accessory doesn't show up when I click "Layout element".

What can I do to fix this, it this a Skycad issue that need to get corrected or this was though another way ?



Your need to insert the layout on the relay's layout view.

Thanks for posting on the forum!

We understand your confusion as this is part of accessory management, for which tutorials are not yet available!

What you need to do is open your relay's layout view and then click 'Layout element'.  Then you relay accessory layout should be listed, allowing you to insert it on the relay's layout view.  The relay's layout view will be automatically updated in your panel layout's view.

Follow these steps to access the relay's layout view:

- Start by selecting your project, and click 'Show/Components'

- Select your relay, and click 'Show/Layouts'

- Double-click on the layout view to open it in the View tab area.

At this point, if you click 'Layout tools/Layout elements', you should get your accessory's layout view displayed in the list of elements to layout.

Let us know if this allowed you to move forward!

It works but not very well

Thanks for the quick answer.

It did work, but when I wanted to move the element I just inserted, the relay layout wasn't linked with relay accessory layout.  I tried a couple things like inserting my accessory layout into the relay layout with "Background view" activated but it didn't worked, Skycad won't let me.

Since I needed it to fix it now to send a copy to my customer, I just copied my accessory layout into my relay, and then erased my accessory layout.  It didn't bothered me that much since there is no use to inserting a relay without a relay base.