Cannot get an link to the web section when creating a part

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#1 Cannot get an link to the web section when creating a part

The title sais it all. When we creating part, I'm trying to put a web link to the part but when trying it just don't work.


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Here's the proceedure.

Thanks for posting this!

Here is how you can add a web link to a SkyCAD component:

- Start by making sure you copy to the Windows clip-board the web site address you wish to specify for your part (in the example, we used a contactor...) :


- in SkyCAD double-click the symbol to display the component dialog box.


- In the displayed dialog box, click the 'Web' field to select it.


- Press CTRL+V on teh keyboard.  The web address will be pasted, and the filed should display as so:


At this point, clicking on the field will automatically start your default browser,  reaching the address you specified.  Just as any other modification you make to a component, clicking the 'Save' icon in the dialog box will save this modification to the catalogue, and the web link will be active everytime you assign that part from the catalogue.

Let us know if this answered your question correctly.