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#1 Cable Splicing

I want to show splicing between two cables where the wire numbers flow through but the cable colours do not. I've created a component with that symbolizes a splice but the wire numbers don't flow through.

You need to group connection points together.

Thanks for posting on the forum!

On any type of symbols, you can always choose a certain number of connection points, and group them together.  If you flag that group as a 'Flow through' connection point group, wire numbers will propagate on all wires connected to those connection points.

Here's how you can do that:

- Start by making sure connection points are displayed by clicking 'Drawing/Show connection points'


- Then holding the CTRL key down, single click on connection points of your splice to select them all.

- Then from the 'Drawing' tab, click on 'Group connection points together'


- From the dialog box displayed, make sure 'Flow through' is activated, and click OK to close the dialog box.


- Now select your splice symbol and hit 'Save'.  This will update the block in the library.

At this point your splice should propagate wire numbers.  Take notice you may need to delete and reinsert existing splices, as the 'Group connection points' does not update itself as other types of modifications on symbols and catalogue parts.

Let us know if that answered your question properly!