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Just a quick one. How does SkyCad determine which end of a cable is the source and which end is the destination?

I have some multicore cables running between 2 destinations, and half the cores destinations are 'FRAT1', and half are 'FRAT1-TerminalBox' (screenshot attached).

It's not a big deal to go into cable view and flip them, but I'm wondering if I'm making a basic mistake that can avoid this.


This is the logic

Thanks for posting on the forum.

This is the logic:

  • The process starts by analyzing elements connected to the first wire found for the cable, and sets the first element found as the source, and the second as the destination
  • Then proceeds in analyzing the rest of wires and proceeds as such:
    • Again the process starts by analyzing elements connected to the wire.
    • If the first connected element already appears in the Source column somewhere in the cable's wire list, then that connected element is again considered as the source.
      The vice versa is true for connected elements appearing in the Destination column.
    • If neither connected elements can be found in either Source or Destination columns in the cable's wire list, SkyCAD considers which locations the elements have been assigned to, then uses their locations in the same logic as defined before. (e.g. if the connected element has the same location as any already defined Source element, it will be considered a Source element, and vice versa for Destination elements.)
    • When no correlation can be made with previously defined source/destination elements, the first found connected element is assumed to be the source, and the other the destination.


Please let us know if you need more information.

Makes sense

Yeah that logic makes sense, but how it's been applied in this particular case doesn't seem to line up... There are 4 wires to this particular cable, all running from the same TB to the same device, but half are split with the source and destination opposite to each other. Not sure if I'm missing something though

Please upload a package of your project

Please upload a package of your project and we'll take a look. To make a package of your project, save your project, then select it, go to the 'Export' tab and select 'Package project for deployment'. It will create a special project package file that you can upload to your next reply on this forum discussion.
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One of the cables in question is F1.C7


We see what you mean....

Please give us some time to figure out what's going on.


For you information, we found some calculation processes that need to be improved so cabling in SkyCAD can be more intuitive.

We're working on it.

It's not a big deal to go into cable view and flip them
For now, you will need to do this as required.


We appear to have solved this in the in-dev version, coming soon.