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#1 Cable Schedules


The description in the "Advanced multicore cabling" tutorial says that it will explain how to generate cable schedules, but it doesn't !

How can I find out how to do this please ?

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You're right!

Thanks for posting on the forum.  

Yes, we know we missed out on this one!  We are planning to redo/complete the tutorial soon.

In the meantime, here's how you can do it:

- Click on your cable to select it (either on the sheet or in the treeview)

- In the 'Home' tab, you should see a button named 'Open cable's wire list view'

- Once the cable schedule is displayed, you can insert it on a sheet using the 'Insert list block' command, as it is stated in the 'Managing parts-list' and BOMs' tutorial.


That's it!

Let us know if this works out!

one at a time ?

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Do I have to add the cable schedules one at a time or can I select multiple cables and generate multiple list blocks at once ?


One at a time...

Do I have to add the cable schedules one at a time or can I select multiple cables and generate multiple list blocks at once ?

For now it's one at a time, but we plan on automating insertion soon.

Cable Schedules


I have been trying unsuccessfully to add a cable schedule.

I'm using prefabricated M12 sensor cables similar to what was discussed in this thread

I have added these cables however they do not have a wire list and I can not find out how to generate a cable schedule list for these.

I can open a wire list for a standard type cable and generate a wire list that shows all the cable cores/wires however I only want to show the cables, not wires.  How can I do this?




Thanks for posting on the forum.

So, just to make sure we undertsand what you want, you wish to show a list of cables (without the detailed inner-wiring) that will show source and destination?

Please get back to us about this and we'll advise accordingly.

Thanks in advance!


Cable Schedules


Yes, just cables.

Please see attached image for an example. It will not have to have all the fields shown but this will give you a good idea of what I'm looking to provide




Thanks for uploading the example list.

Let us look at this and get back to you.  At first site it looks like we should be able to customise your environment so the cable list looks like this, but we want to douvble-check first.

We'll get back to you shortly.

Thanks for your patience!



Just puuting my hand up .. we could ceratinly use this - but for AWG column we would be looking for mm2 ...

Thanks. See hidden columns in the meantime

Thanks for letting us know, Barry.

We'll come back to you both with a solution.

In the meantime, we invite you to take a look at the hidden columns in the cable schedule. We're sure there are some properties available there that you might like shown on your cable schedules.

This forum post (comment #4) shows how to show hidden columns. When you insert a list block, it displays all the columns that were not hidden at the time of inserting it.


Thanks for your patience.

At the moment, consolidated cable schedules are not ready yet. However, individual cable schedules are easy to insert and can be customized to show or hide whichever information you like.

Most of the properties in your example picture are already available, they just need to be unhidden (see previous comment). Any properties which are not available out-of-the-box can be added to the "Cable" class using the steps shown in this tutorial.
Please note that source and destination locations ("From" and "To" in your picture) will be automatically added in the next version update, due next week.

Please let us know if this helps!


Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your response.

I will have a lot of cables to add so I don't think adding individual wire lists is going to work. As a workaround I'm looking at providing a parts list that lists cables consolidated in a list.

There a couple of issues with this however, is it possible to filter and show only the cable class in a list? Is it possible to have multiple parts list? I was not able to find out how to do this so if it is possible I was looking at splitting the list so the cables were only shown on a different page. Also, if I was to split the list is there a way to show a component text property to show it is a cable schedule in the header?

Being able to provide a consolidated cable schedule is quite common in this part of the world so it would be an important feature to add.





Hi Craig,

Indeed, this is something we need to improve on.

We're having a meeting about this later today to discuss the best way to achieve consolidated cable schedules. We'll revert back to you after the meeting.

Thanks for your patience and your valuable feedback!

Post-meeting update

Hi gents,

We've just finished a meeting to discuss what is required and how to implement it so it will be easy for users.

Everything in your cable schedule screenshot will be easily possible in the next version update, due in the next week or so.
The best work-around solution until then is to manage with individual, detailed cable schedules for each cable.

Thanks for your patience and valuable feedback regarding this requirement.

Slight improvement update

It's now possible (albeit a little clunky right now) to insert a list block containing a list of the cables in your project:

To do this:

  1. Select the project in the tree view
  2. Under the Show tab, select Cables whilst holding the SHIFT key to open the list of the cables in the main view tab area
  3. Select the feint arrows just to the left of where the cables are listed
  4. Hide/Show and re-arrange your columns how you want them. If you don't know to do that, this forum post explains.
  5. When you're ready, Insert List Block under the Home tab as you normally would

Hope this helps for now!



Have you implemented the way to generate multiple cable list blocks at once ?


EDIT : I Think It's solved with the Wire List, sorted by cable

We hope this helps

Have you implemented the way to generate multiple cable list blocks at once?
No, comment #15 is still the best we have at the moment.

I Think It's solved with the Wire List, sorted by cable
The Wire List will show each individual wire.

Does that answer your question?