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#1 bom missing parts

Quick question i noticed that my project bom is missing alot of parts.

For instance the last car detection has two parts that are not shown on the project bom

and the rear enclosure is only showing two parts in the project bom but in reality it has 30 parts.


something is strange


Thanks for posting on the forum.

Could you make a package of your project and attach it to a reply?  This will help us figure out what's going on.

Thanks in advance.

project file

Attached is the file you requested.


Located In column

Thanks for uploading your project package.

We opened the project BOM and sorted it by Class Name to make searching for the parts easier.

At a glance, it appears that nothing is missing in the project BOM.

One thing to note about BOMs, is that the Located In column only displays the assigned location of the first part SkyCAD finds. For example, if you have part number XYZ used in Panel1 and again in Panel2, the Located In column will display either Panel1 or Panel2, not both. This is why this column is hidden by default.

Please let us know if that clears things up.


oh thats make sense.  i will look into it in detailed.

thank you