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I see that some components in library have inputs and outputs in top and bottom. I can make only left&right blocks.

In "Customising the Block Generator" tutorial there is Orientation option, but I don't have it. Would like to use top&bottom like in earlier electric schematics we have made (like in IEC Example project).

How can I rotate them?

Are you using 'Symbol Library' or 'IEC Symbol Library'?

Thanks for posting on the forum.

What symbol library are you currently using?  'Symbol library' or 'IEC Symbol library'?  Because that is what defines orientation.

Each library is customisedin order to generate blocks vertically ('Symbol library') or horizontally('IEC Symbol library').

Let us know and we will help you further more once we have this information.

It says IEC Symbol library in

It says IEC Symbol library in the upper corner  and if I make a new block, it appears to IEC Symbol library. I think I selected IEEE in Quick setup first time I started the program. I ran Quick Setup again and selected IEC, but it seems like block generator haven't changed. Swapped between those few times, block saves to different library, but vertical layout every time.

Ok, let's check something out...

Thanks for getting back to us.

In that case your IEC library must be defined as a IEEE.  Let's verify that.

- At the top of the library, double-click where it says 'IEC Symbol Library'


- In the dialog box displayed, make sure the property 'Symbol standard' is set to 'IEC'  (and not 'IEEE')


Once the setting is set to IEC, your block should generate horizontally again.

Let us know if that works out for you.


Ok, thanks, it was "IEEE"

Ok, thanks, it was "IEEE" even when the name is "IEC Symbol library". Now it works as expected.


Thanks for letting us know all fell back into place!

We don't know why the setting got set to 'IEEE' in the first place, but the main thing is that it's working now.

Don't hesitate to post again if you have any other question!