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#1 Block Generator - Basic setup changes

I'm trying to use the block generator.  

I watched the tutorial, and it looks like just what I need.   However, when I use it it doens't offer to put terminals on the left and right of the component, but rather on the top and bottom.   No doubt there is some simple configuration issue here, but I actually can't find the configuration for SkyCAD, so the first question is just what do I need to change so that my blocks will have a left/right orientation rather than up/down?   I wish this had been mentioned in the tutorial.  Looking forward to a searchable PDF manual.


The second question, possible answered in the first, is how do you change the setup?  Other than the 'easy startup' config, there doesn't seem to be a configuration menu anywhere.  I see the "Configuration Management" option, but that appears to be configuration for the current drawing, not for the system.   How do I change things about how the basic setup without having to run the 'Quick Setup' again?  I'd prefer not to have to keep running that because it seems that I have to type in all of the title block information every time.

What symbol standard do you use?

Thanks for posting on the forum.

If you work with the IEC symbol library, generated blocks will be horizontal rather than vertical, and channels will be either on top or bottom.  If you work with an IEEE or Australian/NZ symbol library, blocks will be vertical and channels on the left/right side of the block.

Here is a tutorial explaining how to change active symbol library.

NOTE: Once a library is associated to a project, it cannot be changed.  So your new library will work only for new projects. 

Let us know if it works out.


Okay, I thought I had this beat.

I changed the library from IEC to IEEE, but I had a project open that uses IEC.

The block generator switched from top/bottom connections to left/right, and it let me make the block and it showed as correct in the thumbnail view in the symbol directory.

I then tried to add the symbol to my drawing, and instead of being left/right it was up/down.

I closed that project and created a new one using IEEE.   I tried to add the symbol again but it's gone.  It's not in the library at all.  I guess I have to create it again for IEEE?


This is a bit strange...

Try this:

- Close your project, and actually make sure no project is open at all.

- Make sure the IEEE library is the active one.

- Open your part from the 'Block generator' tab and regenerate your block.

Does it generate vertically or horizontally?

Worked when re-generated

I was pleased to find that the connection information was still in the system so it was no real effort to re-generate the block, and with the IEEE library active and the IEC project closed the block showed up in the symbol directory and appears properly in the schematic.  No problem.


Thanks for taking the time to let us know.