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Can someone tell me why when I create a PLC and split the INPUT addresses up into two seperate blocks they insist on pulling over the lower input addresses to the upper address terminal block? For example: TB1 block has inputs I-00 thru I-12. TB2 block has I-13, I-00, I-01, I-02...  


Thanks for posting on the forum.

It normally splits it in equal number.  How many channels does your module has?

The original 2080LC5048QBB

The original 2080LC5048QBB input terminal blocks

The two terminal blocks split up: Other than the first ternial strip is fine, the second has input addresses that are al mixed up.





Thanks for the extra info.

We understand what's going on.

The 'Name' value of each terminal must be unique, and it's not the case here.  You have two sets of terminal 1 to 16 which is what creates the confusion.

You'll need to prefix the terminal numbera with the TB numbera.  (TB1-1, TB1-2, TB1-3, ..., TB2-1, TB2-2, TB2-3, ...)

Once this is done, regenerate your blocks and all should work better.

Let us know if this works out.