Block generated Drives not allowing multiple links

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#1 Block generated Drives not allowing multiple links

Just Block generated an Allen-Bradley drive and divided it into 3 blocks, power, I/O 1, and I/O 2.  The I/O required 2 blocks as I wanted to represent all the connections and a single block was too large.

After placing the 3 blocks on 2 different pages, I linked the Power block to I/O 1.  Worked as expected.  I then linked the Power block to I/O 2 and it did indicate linking...except.  It de-linked the prior linked I/O 1.  It also renamed Power with the rung name of I/O 2 and Power is Tag Frozen.  I link multiple items to Contactors with no issues, but this is a generated Block.  Ideas?

Thought about going ahead and sending the environment, but I noticed my Time Machine is 18Gb...a problem for another day!

Thanks - James

Might just be order into which you link...

Thanks for posting on the forum.

From the description of fact you gave, it might just be caused by the order with which you link blocks together.  Keep in mind the command in named 'Link with', so you want to link a block to one that correspond to the final component you want to have.  

If you link both I/O modules to the power one, it should work better.

Please let us know if this works out.