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Hi Jeff,

Here's my standard environment file.



Try this

Thanks for that!

It seems that your Control Connection symbol has a numbering format assigned to its Net class instead of a net class.

This is no doubt causing issues whenever you use the Control Connection symbol.

Once we set the Net class to a net class (like Control) and run Renumber Wires, we were able to get what you wanted (if we remember correctly):

Please let us know if this helps or if we've forgotten what it is exactly that you wanted to achieve!

We tested all custom connections in the 'Connections' folder

This is the result we got when we tested all your custom connections:

All the connections that got numbers seem to work as we understand you want them to work.

Some connections didn't get numbers because the Value property of the numbering format used by the net is blank.

Please let us know if this helps or not.

Thank you Jeff,

Thank you Jeff,

It does help.

However, the connections I am having trouble with are the light blue and dark blue without labels. All the connections you've displayed that have proper labels are already working on my end in the terminal layout when bridged.

I realized that the connections between the vertical power lines and terminals were one class and between the terminal and the component, the connection was a different class. When I had created the class in the first place I had one called +24VDC CONTROL 16AWG and another called +24VDC CONTROL 16AWG WIRE.

In attempting to right this, and remove the duplicate +24VDC CONTROL 16AWG class (this is the one that wasn't working when bridging terminals), I have now ruined my project. I had removed the +24VDC CONTROL 16AWG & +24VDC CONTROL 16AWG WIRE classes and tried to recreate one single class based on the Control Connection class.

Now, after that process, the connections between components and terminals are defaulting to '+24VDC 16AWG UNLABELED' instead of being labeled. The connections after the components (fuse holder, for example), are labeled and have the class +24VDC CONTROL 16AWG WIRE.


I had to re wire the whole

I had to re wire the whole document with a newly created connection everywhere the previous one was used.

I have the same issue as before when I bridge the connections. I've at least sorted out the class difference before and after the terminal or component (they now match because I deleted both previous classes and started over).

The bridged connections all become the same wire number on the interior and exterior and do not show what I need: the same value '2001' along one side (interior or exterior) and the individual connections (i.e. 02114) on the other side of the terminal. Instead when I bridge these terminals and re-number, I see '2001' on both sides and the component connection information is gone.



We hope this helps

Thanks for the information.

You shouldn't have had to redraw all the connections of that type in your project. Updating the connection to use a net with a properly defined numbering format, then closing and re-opening SkyCAD and hitting Renumber Wires should have sufficed.

Nonetheless, you're still not getting the results you want. We tested it again on our side (using your version and environment) and it works when we use a net that uses the following numbering format:

If you're still struggling, please upload a zip of your updated environment and let us know which project to look at it and where to look in that project to see the problem.