Assign from catalog -add new column ?

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#1 Assign from catalog -add new column ?

Is possible add column Manufactured to explorer window opened after pressed "Assign from catalog" ?


It shouldbe displayed.

Thanks for posting on the forum!

The manufacturer column should be there.  It was probably hidden by mistake.  To show it back:

- Click any column header to select the column (for example, 'Description' column header) 

- Click 'Home/Show hidden columns'


- All hidden column will be shown, although greyed out.  Select the header of the column you wish to show (in your case 'Manufacturer'), and click 'Home/Show column'

- The column should not be greyed out anymore.

- Click 'Home/Show hidden columns' again to deactivate it.

At this point your manufacturer column should be back.

Let us know if it worked out for you!

How easy it is :)

Yes - it's works. Thx.