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#1 Adding Logo + other descriptions


Please can you advice how can we add a logo to the sheet title block. Also if i need to add approved by whom and some other descriptions



Here's how:

Thanks for your post!

Regarding the logo, there is actually already one in the title block, but chances are it is emtpy.  To change it, the easiest way is to reach your 'Image' folder of your environment (which should normally be located at C:\SkyCAD Environments\Standard Environment\Images\).  In there, amongst many image files, you should be able to find a file named 'Logo.png'.  Open it with your favorite drawing sotware (paint.exe will do), and save it.

If you close and reopen your project, all sheets will now display your logo within the Title Block.

Regarding the 'Approved By' information, this is tightly related to Revisions in SkyCAD. We suggest you take a look at our Revision Control tutorial to learn how this is managed.  As for 'Designed By', this is a property of the project. You should see it if you expand the properties of your project.  When you'll change it's value, you will see it displayed in the Title Block.

Let us know if this was helpful!