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#1 Add pdf datasheets to components

For me it would really be a great option if it is possible to add pdf datasheets to components. Like a seperate environment folder as the images are.
While this is not available, do you think I could add another property definition that points to a file that is clickable? Or an url to a local share?

it might exist already


Adding a weblink is already available. I have found the PDF datasheet online and link it to the component.

Is that what you were looking?

Here is one of my siemens PLC.



I should have been more clear

I should have been more clear. The weblink I am using. But sometimes I need to add additional information or the weblink is a weblink to a general catalog (and not the detailed components as with Siemens)
Then for example I need to extract the product pages out of this catalog. I save this pge locally. Then I would like to leave the original link to the supplier page, but also add the newly created pdf. 
So then I could use a pdf folder in my environment to store the pdf, or pointing an additional url to a network storage. 

Try these

There are two options here. Add two property definitions to your class. Under the Type column, make one of them File and the other Web. Try those out and see which one you like best.

Great, this was easy. Thanks

Great, this was easy. Thanks a lot!

Is there also a possibility of referring to a standard folder like the images do ?

Sort of

Is there also a possibility of referring to a standard folder like the images do ?
Using the File type, there is, sort of. For the File property definition in the class, double-click in the Initial Value cell. Choose a file (any file) in the folder you wish.

Please try that and let us know.

See the attached image.I

See the attached image.
I choose the file option, but not the path to the file is noted completely.
Like this it only works on the current installation.

Is it possible not to have the complete path, but a path as subfolder from the skycad environment?

So for example:


And datasheets is then located in the skycadenvironment folder.


I like it....


I do like where this is going, good feature. 


I have been playing with this. As Jelle mentioned, if should list only /file name instead the full file pathway.

Example, I created a folder StandardEnvoirement>Datasheet with a a few PDF, so I linked to my Property 'Datasheet' the PDF file.
When the link is double clicked, it carries the whole path. But even if the file is selected or double clicked, the PDF file is not oppened. SkyCAD is basically taking it as the file that is linked to the "Data Sheet' Property.

Also, I noticed that if a different folder has been opened, skyCAD goes to it. Instead the standard one. Since I selected my created Datasheet folder, and now I try t open the image file, skyCAD goes to  StandardEnvoirement>Datasheet instead StandardEnvoirement>Images



Playing a little bit more, I think it should work more like Link after the file is selected. 

If the complete path G:\My Drive\SkyCAD Environments\Standard Environment\Data Sheets\BUSBAR 3RV1915_specs.pdf is pasted in a browser, it opens the file.

The "DataSheet' property was changed to Link type, address G:\My Drive\SkyCAD Environments\Standard Environment\Data Sheets\BUSBAR 3RV1915_specs.pdf pasted to it. it does not open it since it is looking for a web instead a local file



Thanks for your feedback regarding this. We'll see if we can come up with something.

It's going to be difficult

We agree it would be neat to have this. Unfortunately, looking at it deeper, we realize that allowing users to associate external files to their projects/files, whilst making sure those links are not broken when the project/environment is moved/shared is going to be a huge task.

This is the sort of thing that looks simple at first, but gets complicated as you start enumerating the different possible use cases.

We're not saying "No", but it will take a long time to get this done.

Sorry we don't have a better answer than that.

Back to this one

I found that if the file path is added to the browser, the file is openned without problem.
When the same path is added to SkyCAD and then the link is clicked. It opens the browser, however the file path is missing the semicolon right after file, thus not able to locate the file.

If the semicolon is manually added after 'file' in the browser, then the file is open since the path is complete/correct. 

Not sure if this is something that could be check in SkyCAD.


Thanks for mentioning that! It could very well be useful to us.