Using manufacturer DWGs to create layouts

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#1 Using manufacturer DWGs to create layouts


We’ll soon supply the possibility to directly import DWG/DXF files into SkyCAD.
In the meantime,
this tutorial explains how to use manufacturer's DWG/DXF files to create component layouts in SkyCAD.

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Panel layout, layout view, component layout view, dwg to image, dxf to image

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If your goal is to create detailed panel layouts in SkyCAD, then you'll need to create layout views for the components used in the panel layout.
The best way to do this is to use an image of the component layout that you have downloaded from the manufacturer's website, as explained in the "Creating a component's layout view" tutorial.
However, some manufacturers do not have layout view images readily available to download or take a screen snip of using the Windows 10 screen snip tool.
Some manufacturer's only have DWG/DXF downloads of their components.
Here's how to use a DWG/DXF to create an image of the component layout, so you can use that image in SkyCAD:

  1. Download the DWG/DXF from the manufacturer's website

  2. Use one of the many free DWG/DXF viewers available on the internet, some of which are online DWG/DXF viewers that don't require installing software

  3. These DWG/DXF viewers should allow you to export the DWG/DXF to an image (such as a PNG or JPG file). If the DWG/DXF shows as white lines on a dark background, exporting the DWG/DXF to an image should give you a layout view of dark lines on a white background.

    DWG/DXF                                    Exported Image

  4. Now that you have an image of the component layout, you may need to crop it (and add color if desired) using any image editing software, such as Microsoft Paint or
    Note: Large images (over 250000 pixels2) can reduce performance when working with layouts in SkyCAD that include such images. Keep your images under 250000 pixels2 (pixel width x pixel height) to achieve a good balance between quality and performance. If your image is over 250000 pixels2, most image editing software allow you to scale the image down, thereby reducing the pixel count.

  5. Once you've customized your image to your preferences, you can use it in SkyCAD to create your component layout view as described in the "Creating a component's layout view" tutorial.

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