Running quick setup

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#1 Running quick setup

NOTE: You must install version 1.2.36 (or newer) to get access to the IEC symbol library. (Download the latest version here.)

By default, SkyCAD is setup to work with IEEE symbols, will use standard title block coordinates (columns and rows), and apply a basic numbering numbering scheme (PB1, PB2, PB3, etc…).

This may not be how you wish to work, so we provided a 'quick setup' that will allow you to change those settings, as well as enter your company information and logo, which will be displayed in the title block.

To access the quick setup:

- Click on 'SkyCAD' from the left tree view

- Then click on the 'Run quick setup' button.

- Then just follow the quick setup process.


NOTE: Once a project is started with a specific library, it becomes bound to it. Thus, if you open a project that was created with a different library than the one set as default, it will activate this library.