Packaging a project

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#1 Packaging a project


This tutorial will explain how you can package a SkyCAD project, which has the effect of including the project with all its dependencies (symbols and catalogue parts used) within a single package file, which can be open by any other SkyCAD user.

Topics covered

Package project, package, archive project, archiving.

Main content

This is very useful if you need to upload a project on the forum for assistance.

Here are the steps to follow:

- Start by making sure the project you wish to package is open, and selected in the tree view.


- Then click on the 'Export' tab, and select 'Package project for deployment'.


- Select the location where you wish for the package file to be created and click 'Save'.


At this point, you should have a package file created, which you can be opened by anyone who has SkyCAD installed on their computer.