Packaging a project

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#1 Packaging a project


This tutorial explains how to package a SkyCAD project, which has the effect of including the project with all its dependencies (symbols and catalogue parts used) within a single package file, which can be opened by any other SkyCAD user.

IMPORTANT: This should not be used to actively work on a project on different computers. For that, sharing your environment on a shared network/drive is recommended.

Topics covered

Package project, package, archive project, archiving.

Main content

This is very useful if you need to upload a project to the forum for assistance.

Here are the steps to follow:

- Start by making sure the project you wish to package is open and selected in the tree view.

- Then click on the Export (Import/Export in V1.3.25 and higher) tab, and select Package project for deployment.

- Select the location where you wish for the package file to be created and click Save.

At this point, you should have a package file created, which you can be opened by anyone who has SkyCAD installed on their computer.