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#1 Show Hide Connection number

If the re-numbering function is performed, wires and cables shows their number/information. At times, the wiring number or cable info is not required to be shown in the schematics.

I know, that we can adjust the minimum distance of wire in order to show the number. Also, to manually hide/unhide wire numbering.

Is it possible to have a check box or a pop window 'Hide wire numbers Yes - No' during renumbering?

The trick will be to hide all except the ones already showing the numbers.

Not sure if this makes sense and or the amount of programing to accomplish something where we have control of it.



Thanks for posting on the forum.

We believe we understand what you're asking, however we're not clear on why the Show or hide connection number button is not enough. Is it somehow cumbersome or not enough to do the job? If you hide the connection number using this button, then running a renumbering shouldn't unhide it.

The workflow we imagine is as follows:

  1. Run your first renumbering. All connections get numbers
  2. Select all the connections (box selection method can be used) where you don't want the number displayed and click Show or hide connection number
  3. Further renumbering processes will not unhide the hidden numbers

Please let us know.

that works

Thanks Jeff,

Using the box to select all connections  works


Thanks for letting us know that helps!