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The Block Generator feature is pretty neat.  Is it possible to customize how the block (e.g. size) are generated.  I made a power supply with 3 lines on the left (3 phase input) and 4 on the output (DC).  The individual terminals are farther apart that I'd want and certainly much farther apart that other 3 phase components such as fuses.  Also the generated block is wider than I'd like.  I know once it's it's used things can be moved around but it would be nice to avoid that.  Thanks



Two potential solutions to this...

Thanks for your question!

Is it possible to customize how the block (e.g. size) are generated.

Yes, it is possible to customise the template block that is used in the generation process.  But before we address that, you must know that once a block is generated, you can edit it and make any modification you wish (like moving terminals so that they are closer to one another), and save your modifications to the library.  This way, the next time you insert your block on a sheet, it will arrive with the terminals properly positioned.  You won't need to move them after each insertion.  This is explained in the Block generator tutorial (fast forward to 4m30...)

Please let us know if this was helpful.

We'll revisit this topic later today to give a clear step-by-step demonstration on how to modify the template used for block generation.

Tutorial comming up!

Ok, although SkyCAD's current version allows to open and modify a template block used by the Block Generator, the path to follow in order to get there is not as intuitive and simple as we'd like it to be.  Therefore, we've decided to improve SkyCAD with that aspect of things, and we'll add a tutorial to show how to use this newly added feature.

Both the new version and the tutorial should be available somewhere at the begginning of next week.

Stay tuned!

New tutorial on line

The tutorial allowing you to customise the block generator is now on line.

Click here to view it.

Let us know if it was helpful!