"Insert List Block" not working

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#1 "Insert List Block" not working

Insert list block is not working in parts lists and BOM, possibly since the last upgrade. 


Select Project - Show/Locations

Select location - Show/Location parts-list

In the Location parts-list, select Home/Insert list block

The button exists, but nothing happens when clicked

The same is true for BOM and terminal blocks.  The button is there, but nothing happens when clicked.  In the case of terminal blocks, either Home/Insert list block, and Terminal strip tools/Lay out terminal strip are both not working.

This is the case in all of my projects, including projects which have lists layed out already.

Did something happen with the upgrade?



Download the latest version.

Thanks for posting on the forum.

Sorry for this little glitch.  Indeed we inroduced this issue with the release of version 1.2.82, which you are using.  Luckily it has been fixed since then (along with a few other glitches) and we uploaded a fixed version (1.2.86).  Simply download and install it and you should be fine.

Please let us know if this works out!

(If you wonder why you weren't noticed of the new release, this reply to another forum post should explain it.)

I've just installed 1.2.86

I've just installed, but I have the same issue.


This is strange.

To understand better what's going on, we would need you to upload a zipped environment folder.   Here is a tutorial about backing-up your SkyCAD environment folder which will indicate which folder we need you to zip and attach to a reply.  (Note: only you and the SkyCAD Staff will have access to your file.  All other users won't even be able to see it.)

Thanks in advance!

file attached

file attached


There seems to be a library setting that somehow got deleted.  

Anyhow, we've added it back and made sure it was properly set.  Close SkyCAD and replace the file attached under:

<your environment path>\Standard Environment\Catalogue\root class\SkyCad specific Classes\Library\

It should work better after that.

Let us know if it works out.



working now, thank you

working now, thank you


Great, thanks for letting us know!


Insert List nlock not working

This seems to be a common issue. Is there someway the user can correct the issue without sending skycad the environment files? Our symbol library is continuing to grow/change as we continue to use Skycad. How do settings mysteriously delete, is the real question.

We are using latest release.

PS. BOM Excel Export shows Sheet tab (Feuil 1 instead of Sheet 1). Everything else appears in English.

Oh dear...

Thanks for posting on the forum.

Darn, we thought this was fixed. Please let us take a look. We'll get back to you shortly.

Thanks for your patience.

Thanks for your patience...

This seems to be a common issue.

Actually not that common.  It seems similar issues pop-up when users share their environment on shared drives like DropBox and such.  That said, we don't fully understand yet why it would affect the data in such a way.  Additionnaly, many users/customers share their environment on DropBox without issues.  So this one has us scratching our head a bit...

To fix this yourself, the first step is to check if the template list block exist in your environment.  It's a file named 'Main list block.SkyCadFile' which should be located under:

<your environments path>\Standard Environment\Catalogue\root class\SkyCad specific Classes\Graphical Element\graphical object\graphical block\work block\List block\

Let us know if you can see the file, and we'll guide you in assigning it back as the template list block file in your library settings.



file found

File is at location. Next step...


File is at location. Next step...

Here goes:

- Double-click the file, which will open it in SkyCAD in edition mode.  (You should see it displayed in the left tree view...)

- Right-click on the 'Main list block' from the tree view, and choose 'Copy'.

- Then double-click on the header of the library (where it says 'Symbol library' or 'IEC Symbol library'), which will display the library object within an explorer view.

- From the explorer view, click 'Show/Class Library Folders'   

- Scroll in the list of class library folders displayed where you should find one named 'List block'. 

- Click to select it, and click 'Show/Associated Graphical block'.  (At this point nothing should show, which is the source of your problem...)

- Right-click the 'List block' Class library folder, and choose 'Paste'.  (You should see the 'Main list block' item appear.)

- Click OK in the explorer view.


At this point, you should be able to insert list blocks as normal.


Let us know if it works out!

That did the trick!

Thanks for your help.

Glad it worked!

Thanks for letting us know.