Rung Numbering using two sections

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#1 Rung Numbering using two sections

We normally split the pages using the Rung numbers, how would I get the  rung numbers to draw down the center  of the page and the left of the page, the center rung continuing where the left hand rung had left off. There was no clear video tutorial on this feature, but did notice that the videos did show what I described. How would one go about setting up the rungs to divide the page into 2?

I am having the same issue. 

I am having the same issue.  Thanks for posting the question.

Double click the title block

Double click the title block and you should get the explorer window to open with page options.  Then select your numbering format.  I had to figure this out myself as well.  I’m not at my laptop to actually do it again and provide more details but that’s where I found the setting.

Here's another way.

Thanks for your answer Dustin.  Indeed the method you described should work.

That said, here's another way this can be achieved.

Click on the 'Title block tools' ribbon tab.

Simply click the title block coordinates display button that fits your needs.


If you had some wires and components in that 'phantom' second section, you will need run renumbering to to see their tag values updated accordingly.

Let us know if that works for you!


Thank you

Thank you! Works perfectely!


I noticed if you Right click on the title block towards the middle of the options that pop up there are the selections for standard, single or double rung numbering


Yes, true.  Thanks for pointing it out!

How can i make this the

How can i make this the default for any new sheet created?

Follow these steps!

Thanks for posting on the forum!

Here's how you can achieve this:

- Open a sheet

- Click on the title block to select it

- Click on the 'Home/Open Block'


- The title block is opened in a different view.

- Click 'Home/Use two line numbering column'


- Click 'Home/Close'


- Confirm you whish to save changes.

- At this point, SkyCAD will ask you into which library folder you'd like to store your title block.  Just click 'OK', and then cancel out of the following window by clicking the 'X' (You don't need to store your title block in a library folder...)


At this point, if you create a new sheet, if should automatically display two columns of rung numbers.

Please let us know if this propery resolves your request!

NOTE: If you do not already have version 1.1.19 installed (here's how you can verify that...), than you will need to download and install it first, otherwise the previous instructions won't give you the result you are after.





I am wondering how can chane the rung numbering font. the size is too small during printing and cannot be seen


Please create a separate topic for this.

Thanks for posting. 

This is a good question, and we think it deserves a topic of its own.  this way other users will be able to find it easily when searching the forum.  Please create a separate topic, and we'll be gad to let yu know how to resolve this!

Thanks in advance!

components numbering by rung number


I could not get rung number to components or wire even after renumbering process


Please uplaod a packaged project.

Thanks for posting on the forum.

Please make a package of your project and attach it to a forum reply.  We'll be able to see what's going on.

Thanks in advance.

Row Numbering Character Limit


Is there a way to change the number of characters the row numbering uses? For example, now the rows count as follows 0100, 0101, 0102 ect but I want it to be 100, 101, 102. Mathamatically they are the same but my electrican is Anal and I'm tired of arguing with him, please help so, I don't have to put laxitives in his coffee. 



Almost there...

We're glad to let you know you will not have to temper with your colleague's coffee!  The next version we are about to relase allows to customise this.  We plan on releasing it tomorrow.

Stay tuned!

Most electrical schematics

Most electrical schematics for industrial machinery are drawn in protrait orientation even if the Title Block is shown in landscape orientation. To achieve that, we need the rung numbers to follow the long side of the page without overlapping the Title Block. Is it possible setup the page for that? The text orientation within the drawing (components and rung numbers) would also have to be turned to portrait orientation even if the page is shown on my screen in Landcape orientation. Is that possible?

Thanks in advance,

PS. preceding zeros on rung numbers are not welcome in my workplace either.


Thanks for posting in the forum.

To achieve that, we need the rung numbers to follow the long side of the page without overlapping the Title Block.

Follow these steps to fix this:

- Select the title block on the sheet.

- Click 'Title block tools/Edit coordinates text properties'

- You should see a property named 'Row bottom offset' which you can set so that row numbers don't overlap the title block.

Once you'r happy with your settings, make sure the title block is still selected, and click 'Home/Save' so that all your sheets all look the same (you will need to close and reopen you project to see this though...)

preceding zeros on rung numbers are not welcome in my workplace either.

Again, follow these steps:

- Right-click your title block, and choose 'Explore'.

- You should find a property named 'Row normalising character', which is set to '0' by default.

- Simply delete the value so that you don't have preceeding zeros in your row numbers.

Again, make sure to save your title block afterwards.


The text orientation within the drawing (components and rung numbers) would also have to be turned to portrait orientation even if the page is shown on my screen in Landcape orientation. Is that possible?

Could you attach a screenshot of what you're after, as we're not sure we understand what you mean exactly. 

Thanks in adance!

Basically, the electrican

Basically, the electrican reads the drawing as if it were in a tablet (portrait/vertical orientation) with the rung numbers going all the way down the left side or possibly both sides. The Title Block can be on either side with the orientation the same as you have now (landscape/horizontal orientation). This orientation allows more effiecient use of space (fewer pages) without splitting the page into 2 columns. And it is more convenient for the electrican to hang near his work space (bound at the top). I have seen many electrical drawings from different contractors done this way. Here's a sample page.


Thanks for the image, it speaks a thousand words.

Please give us some time to fiddle and see if we can come up with something.

In the meantime, could you tell us if you want two title blocks as shown in the image or would one title block be fine. If it's the latter, do you want it at the top or bottom?

Thanks in advance.

You'd need to work the other way arounf

To obtain a similar result in SkyCAD, you'd need to work the other way around, meaning work in a portrait orientation, with your titleblock(s) vertical.  

Like so:


Yep, I tried defining a

Yep, I tried defining a custom sheet size to be vertical like that. The title block did not want to locate properly.

Also, rung numbers stopped

Also, rung numbers stopped short of the full page length.


Let us look at this and get back to you shortly.

Thanks for your patience!


For the rung numbers that do not go all the way down, the solution we gave you on reply #17 should allow you t fix that.

As for the title block not wanting to position itself once rotated, it seems you are the first one to attempt to work with a rotated title block, so we had not yet stumbled upon that bug!  In the meantime, you can create your own title bllock following this tutorial.  Just make sure to created it already vertical.

Let us know if this works out.

By the way...

For your information, we were easily able to fix the rotated title block positioning issue for the next version, which planned to be released before the end of the year.

Is it possible to do rung numbering like the attached drawing?

I need to do rung numbering where is starts on the left and continues on the right side of the page, how do I do this?  Thanks

Sorry, this is not possible

Sorry, this is not possible unfortunately.

Rung numbers covered up

I am also trying to make a set of drawings to match some contractor drawings and I need the rung numbers to begin and end at a certain number. I am also having trouble with the title block covering the numbers and need the numbers scooted away from the left side of a portrait sheet to clear the title block rotated 270 degrees in the bottom left corner. The top offset and bottom offset do not seem to scoot the rung numbers away from the left edge of the page.

Attached it a shot of what I am trying to recreate

You'll have to fall back on texts and manual numbering

Thanks for posting on the forum.

As mentioned in a previous post, SkyCAD does not allow rung numbers to start and end at a specific number.  

In this particular case, you can choose to hide title block coordinates, and use plain text objects to define your rung numbers, and define wire and component numbers manually.

(To hide coordinates, double click the title block, and uncheck 'Show coordinates'.  This will hide automated rung number display.)

Change line numbering spacing


How can I change the line numbering spacing between each line?

Row fixed height

Thanks for posting on the forum, 

Select your Title Block, then Right click and select Explore, alternatively you could select the Title Block and hit F10 on your keyboard, now search for the property named: Row fixed height, and adjust it to your needs.

Let us know how it goes.


This is exactly what I needed! I think I've seen it in another topic, but couldn't find it...

Is it possible to have pages without numbering? For example, I don't want numbering on my title page.

Also, if they are not shown, I don't want them to be added up. So if I don't have numbering on my title page, I don't want the next page to be at 200 for example. It would be 100.


Custom Cover Page

This is exactly what I needed!
Glad that we were able to help

Thanks Is it possible to have pages without numbering?
Yes it is, you can create Custom Cover Page by following the steps on the comment #3,

Let us know how it goes.