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#1 Several BOMs

Is it possible to create several BOMs based on location?

For example, a panel and a field BOM

Surprisingly not yet

Thanks for posting on the forum!

I need to speak to the rest of the team later today, but this will most probably be available in the next version.

One way to access it would be to:

  1. Select the project in the tree view
  2. "Show" tab
  3. Locations
  4. Select a location
  5. The "BOM" button will be under the "Show" tab, beside "Location parts list"

Perhaps this "Location parts list" can help you for now. I know it's not quite a BOM, but it's something.

Part list is available for location, but not BOM ?


I am bringing back this topic since I would need to have BOM acording to locations, and perhaps it haven't been added the the next version :P

Part list would be an option, but the major issue I get with this option is that accessories don't show up in part list, and I use accessories a lot (connector for a PLC, M12 4pins cable for prox, shaft and handle for disconnect switch, etc).

Is there anyway I could achieve what I want ?  If you guys are still thinking about adding the BOM feature for locations, may I suggest to add BOM also for unlocated components ?


Still in the design phase on this one...

We are still in the design phase for this feature, so we wouldn't expect to have it ready for the next version.

That said, we will integrate it at some point.  Stay tuned!

If you guys are still thinking about adding the BOM feature for locations, may I suggest to add BOM also for unlocated components ?

Good idea, thanks!


Location BOM, still something on the to-do list ?


Just wanted to see if you guys worked on the development that feature (BOM by location) ?  I know it was not a priority, but we would still have great use of that feature when we have a project with multiple panels.


Not yet

Not yet, but it's definitely still on the list. Once we get our next project (the online catalogue) well underway, we'll be able to get back to improvements such as these.

Thanks for your patience and for the reminder.

Good thanks

Good thank you, I look forward to this. 

When you say online catalog, do you mean that it will be possible for users to share parts online ?  Or will it be Skycad that will create parts for the users ?


Users will be able to share

Users will be able to share parts online. Here's a forum post that discusses it some more.

Follow up


Just wanted to do a follow up on that feature ?  Is it slowly making it's way up on the to do list or is it something that is less likely to get developped ?

It would have saved me several hours of work in the past weeks, because right now I make a separate "project" for each junction box.  Otherwise all my material (main panel, junction boxes, etc.) would get all mixed up ... 



It has recently been introduced in a recent beta-version.

Your post is timely, as Location BOMs has recently been added to the latest beta-version.

It should be part of the official version within a few weeks/months.


Nice to know thanks

Nice to know thanks, I just updated to the last beta version to test it.