Manual Set Location and Size of Drawing Objects?

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#1 Manual Set Location and Size of Drawing Objects?

Is there any way you can manually set the location (Coordinate) and size of drawing objects like rectangles and Circles?



Say I want to specify a rectanlge be at 90mmx100mm and be 25mm x 50mm in size. Can this be done?

Yes you can...

Thanks for posting on the forum!  (And sorry for the delayed response, your post seemed to have slipped between the cracks!)

It is possible, but we admit it's not exactly intuitive:

- Insert a recangle object where ever on the page

- Double-click the rectangle and collapse the properties (they'll be in the way...)

- Click 'Show/Construction points'

- The rectangles construction points appear, where you can specify their X and Y coordinates.

Keep in mind that for all drawing objects, the first point's coordinate corresponds to its position, and others have their coordinates relative to the first point.

Also, you may need to press 'Refresh' sometimes when changing X and Y values of construction points to see the result on sheets.

Let us know if that corresponds to what you were after.

Yup that is what I wanted.

Yup that is what I wanted. Thank you