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#1 New Sheet Size Information

When a new sheet size is made and/or a title block is being created/edited, there are the four corner marks that represent the available drawing area on the sheet.  What is the outside dimension of the corner marks related to?  Is there a Page Margin setting somewhere?  I want to adjust the margins to match some existing drawings if possible.

We need a little more info...

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What is the outside dimension of the corner marks related to?

These four corner marks represent the extent of the displayed area of the element you are showing.  In the case of a sheet dimension, it reprensents the size of the sheet as specified by the width and height dimensions.  In the case of a block/symbol, it would correspond to a 'rectangle' that incorporates all drawing objects (so it changes dynamically as elements are added/moved.)

I want to adjust the margins to match some existing drawings if possible.

Unfortunately this is not possible.  Margins are not editable in SkyCAD.  But this is something we want to introduce at some point in time as you are not the first one to wish for that feature to exist.

Print Scale

I want to further ask questions on this original subject.  I am trying to print with a margin.  Having the system scale to the max size is not realistic as no printer can print to the edge and the margin it does create is not wide enough.   I have found this out the hard way with missing edges when we print SkyCAD documents.  This is not very professional looking. 

In hoping to address this issue, I created a page size of 15.5 x 10.0 to be printed on 17 x 11 tabloid paper and thus appropriate margins would exist.  The print function still printed it scaled out to the maximum size of the tabloid paper with a small margin.  I was using print to PDF using Microsoft Print To PDF and Bluebeam PDF with equal results.  When I later send the PDF to an actual printer I have to scale it so that things are not cut off and there is an actual margin.

Is there a way to scale the whole page such that 15.5 x 10.0 is the actual size.  I need a real margin.



Thanks for the extra information.

Please allow us a bit of time to figure out a way to get the result you are after.

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Any progress on Margins?

See comment 3 above.

I had a coworker try to print drawings for the first time and the very first thing he said was that his drawings were clipped so I wanted to see if there is an official way to control the printouts yet.


Sorry for not getting back to

Sorry for not getting back to you about this.

We're still figuring out a good way to resolve this.

In the meantime, this forum thread offers two workarounds.

Please let us know if that helps.