Connection colours not showing correctly

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#1 Connection colours not showing correctly


The lines on my connection icons used to be red / blue etc. but now they are all black.

And when I draw new power connections for example they appear as black lines, not red. Then if I close the drawing and then reopen it, the power connections now show correctly as red.

Any thoughts ?



Thanks for posting on the forum.

This is most definitely strange and unusual behavior!  You said all gets back to normal when you close and reopen the project, but does it happen often?  Can you reroduce the problem systematically?


yes it is happening every time



We will need your environment to figure out what's going on.

Could you make a ZIP file of your environment and upload as an attached file to your reply?  It will allow us to try it ourselves and see what's going on.

The environment folder to ZIP should be C:\SkyCAD Environments\Standard Environment\

here you go !

here you go !

We need more info..

Thanks for your patience on this.

We believe we have identified a way to fix this:  

- Expand the 'Connections' library folder. 

- Select the power connection (which should show black at this point) and choose 'Open block'.

- The power connection should open, and show red.

- Click 'Home/Save'

- The power connectn should show black again in the libary.


Let us know if this works out for you!


yes that fixed it, thank you



Thanks for letting us know!