IO Style Terminal Block with a Power and a Neutral Terminals

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#1 IO Style Terminal Block with a Power and a Neutral Terminals

We use Terminal Blocks for our PLC IO that have 1 pass through (2 terminals connected), 1 Power terminal and 1 Neutral/0V terminal. The Power and the Neutral terminals are connected via jumper bars from adjacent terminals. Is this something skyCad supports? if so how can this be configured? If not will it be added?

P.S. I can give you a part number and pictures if you are unfamiliar with this type of terminal.

Stacked terminals?

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Our first reflex would be to use stack terminals to reproduce the situation you described.  Take a look at this topic, which addresses a similar (albeit different) situation.  

That said, we would like to have the part number corresponding to what you described, if it's just to make sure we understand correctly the situation you described.


  • This is the IO Block 1492-LS2-4
    • The power, neutral and ground are feed through bridges only there is not a second Terminal for each.
  • The base block which feeds the Power, Neutral, and Ground (Forgot about Ground)
Sorry the Part Number for the

Sorry the Part Number for the Base Block is 1492-LSG2-4

Yes, stacked terminals...

Thanks for the extra information.

As we thought so, the current way to deal with such terminals is by defing it as a stacked terminal, to which you add accessories for the snap on part of it.  You can save the part-number to catalogue with the added accessories, which will be brought automatically everytime you assign that part-number in the future.