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#1 New terminal block type

On a terminal strip, I want to add a terminal block  that have 4 terminals linked together (see the picture). This is not a stacked terminal. I was thinking about using the block generator to make it but the terminal block class is not available.

Any idea how to do this?




Two solultions

Thanks for posting on the forum!

Indeed the block generator does not allow to generate terminals, which are particular types if symbols.

You can do one of two things:

- Use singe level terminals, but allow yourself to connect two wire per terminal sides (and assume one wire per connection port is used...)

- Create a stacked terminal part number where you will bridge both levels together prior to saving the terminal to catalogue.  When you'll assign the part to the terminal, it will come already bridged, thus will properly propagate wire numbers.  (This will also allow you to show two terminal symbols in the schematic, one per level.)

Let us know if that resolves your issue.




Thank you for the answer.

I will explore both sugestions and see wich one works better for me. 


Thanks for getting back to us.

Don't hesitate if you need more help!

Follow up

I tried the second proposed solution using some bridged stacked terminals.

As you can see in the schematic, the terminal TB2-1(T) is connected  one side to the CB1-1 and the other side to PO1-L1.

However, when we look at the stacked terminal view, the interior and exterior mapping seems to be mixed for this terminal (see the green rectangle). The connection to PO1-L1 is not shown and canoot be made (no TBD).

Any idea how to fix this?



Let us experiment a bit to see what's going on, and we'll get back to you.

Thanks for your patience!


Have you tried to the use the 'Connect' feature?

Please try something  (If you haven't tried it already...)

- Select the cell 'TB1-1(T)/Connected (Exterior)', and click on the 'Connect' button:

You should normally get a dialog box allowing you to select either PO1-L1 or FU1-2.

Let us know if this works out.


Connect feature

Thank for the quick response. 

Yes I tried the 'connect' button. Nothing happen, no dialog box. This seems to work only when the cell show '(TBD)'...


This seems to work only when the cell show '(TBD)'...

Unless you previously clicked the 'Disconnect' button, which specifies you don't want that terminal to carry a wire.  If you clicked 'Disconnect' by mistake on both cell, clicking the 'Connect' button would allow you to define a wire.  But obviously it's not the case.

Again, let us try to figure this one out and get back to you.

Thanks again for your patience!

One thing I just noticed

Thank you very much for your help.

The component 'PO1' i am trying to connect is a custom component I made for power outlet.  

So I deleted the symbol from my drawing, put it again and was able to make a connection. However now the connection appeared in 4 terminals.



Ok got it!

Hitting 'disconnect' on the other 3 connections fixed the problem.


Thank you.


Glad to know all turned out well in the end!

Hey SKYCADers,

*** Figured it out the terminal strip view confused had to find the right settings and the select the TB Name , then show stacked terminal view to see the dridges ***** *****reminds me to take my time****


Hey SKYCADers,

im getting into my first terminal block layout Idk how normal it is but I am use a stacke terminal (2 pole) and I have them connected as follows:

TB1-1 through 8 (T) > 24VDC

TB1-1 through 8 (B)> 0VDC

TB1-9 through 11 (T/B) GND

as such i have my tops bridge and then my bottoms bridged seperately to save space and I cant figure out how to create such a Terminal strip. Any help would be greatly appreciated as always.


Thanks for posting on the forum.

So do we understand correctly that you figured it out yourself, or do you still need help with that?

Yes i have figured it out

Yes i have figured it out


Thanks for taking the time to let us know!