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#1 List Block for Location Parts List

I am having an issue and cannot remember how I inserted a list block for a 'Location' parts list. I had inserted a location parts list in a previous project. 

Project has a tab for project parts list and/or BOM  and also a tab for a specific 'Location' parts list.

While I am able to insert a List Block for the project part list or BOM I am unable to find where to insert a list block for a Location parts list.

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Start from the location

Thanks for posting on the forum!

Just follow these steps:

- Make sure your location is displayed in the tree view (select your project, and click 'Show/Locations')

- Select the location for which you wish to display the parts-list, and click 'Show/Location parts-list'


- The parts-list show be displayed in the view tab area, allowing you to insert it on a sheet using the usual command 'Home/Insert list block'.


Let us know if this properly answered your question!