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In my title block, I have a checked by box with attribute [Project.Approved by]. This does not appear in my project menu.

Is this the correct attribute?

Check this other Topic...

Thanks for posting on the forum.

We believe the value should be the same as the query for your title page, as mentioned in this other topic of yours.

Let us know if it works out right!

How do you add the same query

How do you add the same query for the title block?

Just add a text

If you open your title block in edition mode (Select you title block and click 'Home/Oen block') you should be able to add a text, and enter the same query in the "Value' field of the text.  Close and save your title block and it should work (albeit you might need to close and re-open your project...)

Let us know if it turns out fine!

Works Great

Works Great