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#1 No "Tag" for a symbol created under a class


I have created a new class "fuse" using the catalogue tools (followed as in the tutrorial video) and created a new symbol for fuse using drawing tab, then saved it in the library. When the new symbol is pasted in the sheet, it doesn't show the  "Tag" or the component acronym with number, but only the symbol and terminal numbers. However, when the particular symbol is opened using the open block there it shows the work ID. I also tried to add new property to the class with the name "Tag" and saved. Still it doesn't show the name with number when dragged into the sheet.

Can you please suggest the possibilites to correct it.



The fuse class already exists....?

Thanks for posting on the forum!

This is a bit strange as a class named 'Fuse' is already defined in the out-of-the-box environment.  So the class creation process should have popped a message saying a class named 'Fuse' already existed, and refuse that name.  Is it possible you created a class named slightly different?

That would explain the rest of the behavior, because the 'Fuse' class is defined as an 'Accessory' class, thus does not get numbered, but rather carries the number/tag of it's parent component (accessories never live on their own, but always have a parent component..)

Let's explore that route:

- Select SkyCAD from the tree view

- Click 'Show/environments'

- Click on 'Standard Environment', and choose 'Show/ClassList'

In the listed class, can you find two diffent classes named 'Fuse', or one named 'Fuse' and one slightly different?

Removed the existing class and created new class with same name

Yes the class name Fuse already exist. However when I was trying to pull a compinent created in the Fuse class it was not showing the "Tag". I assumed there is some issue in created calss, So removed the existing one and created a new class name "Fuse" and then created a new symbol defined in the class. When I tried to pull the new symbol it was not showing the tag/number. I followed the tutorial "catalog tools" to do the same. I also defined the root name. IEC root etc in the class properties. 

You may need to reassign the class to the fuse symbol.

Thanks for the extra information.  We think we understand what's going on.

The original Fuse class was defined as an accessory, which explains why it did not have a tag value calculated.  If you deleted it, and created a new one defined as a component, then it should get a tag, but the symbol you used will need to be updated with the new Fuse class you created.

To check if we're right:

- select your fuse symbol from the library, and click 'Open block'

- In the tree view where you should see your openned block, click to expand its properties.

- Does the property 'Work object class' has a value?  (Probably not if we're right about this....)


Please let us know, and we'll guid you in fixng this.


P.S.: Just so you know, the reason why a fuse in defined as an accessory is because it is normally an accessory to a fuse holder, which is the component that is tagged.  As an example, the symbols in the 'Fuses' library folder are tied to the 'Fuse holder' class.  Once a fuse holder is created (and numbered), you can add one or more fuses to it.  That said, maybe that's not how you want to work...


No work object class value

Thank you for the clarification. Yes you got it. The fuse symbol doesn't have an "Work Object Class" value. And yes I want it fuse and fuse holder to be numbered as both may have different part numbers.

Please suggest the solution for the same.

Thank you

Ok but...

And yes I want it fuse and fuse holder to be numbered as both may have different part numbers.

Ok but first, you must know that defining a fuse as an accessory still allows you to specify a part number to it.

Here is an example of a parts-list where you see both a fuse holder and the fuse on two separate lines.  You'll notice both are numbered 'FU1', because the fuse carries the tag of it's parent fuse holder. 

If you want the fuse to be numbered separatly, simply double-click on the 'Work object class' of your fuse symbol and choose your new Fuse class.  Then of course, close and save the symbol.  Than it should work as you wish.

If you would rather switch back to have fuses as accessories, we'll guide you through the steps to make your fuse class an accessory again.

Fuse class as accessory

Thanks for the information. I understood the example shown here. I would like to make a new class of fuse as accessory. Wanted to make it as it was before. 

Please sugget.



Ok then, let's put things back as they were.

- First make sure you are the only one on your team working with SkyCAD.  We need to make sure no one will overwrite the settings you are about to change.

- Then you'll need to delete the part files that should be present in the 'Fuse' folder of your environment.  (So, <Path to environment>\Standard Environment\Catalogue\root class\work field classes\Accessory\Fuse\)  These parts refer the the old Fuse class and are no longer compatible with the new one.  Unless you created more yourself, there should be only three.

- Once this is done, open SkyCAD and open your Fuse class with the Catalogue tools.  Unless you already did this, make sure there is a 'Current' property (it must be spelled this way, as existing symbols query that specific property.)  It has to be a text property.

- Now close the class from the catalogue tools view

- Select 'SkyCAD' at the top of the treeview, and choose 'Show/Environments'

- Select 'Standard Environment', and click 'Show/ClassList'

- Scroll to find your 'Fuse' class, and right-click on it and choose 'Cut'

- Scroll up all the way to the 'Accessory' class, and choose 'Paste'

- You should get a message of confirmation ("This action can not be undone.") and then a second confirmation ("Are you sure you wish to delete the class?" -- this second message shouldn't be displayed, and is fixed in the upcoming version...)

- Once you've confirmed everything, your Fuse class is not defined as an accessory class, and you're good to go!


Let us know if that worked out for you!


P.S.: As you can see, deleting a class from SkyCAD can have unfortunate consequences.  Athough it may be exactly what you'd want to do in some cases, we suggest that next time you ask about it on the forum before going on with it. 

Fuse in accessory class.


So all done. Few questions again:

1. How to make new class in the accesory. Is it like making a new component class and then cut/paste in accesory. Or is there other way. The reason I am asking this because I need to make an accesory for switch (DC switch with shaft, handle, knob etc.)

2. How to add new symbols to the accesory Fuse class. Due to ealier confusions I created some fuse symbols in the fuse holder class and then put it in the fuse holder library. I wanted to put those symbols, catalogues in the accessory class under Fuse.  

3. Can we edit the names of the library list, for e.g. Relays changing to Relays/Switchgear. I dont want change the name but just asking if there is any method ot edit the name in library list



We'll contact you directly.

Thanks for posting on the forum.

It seems to us we need to contact you directly to get some precisions about what you want to achieve.

We'll email you shortly.